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My TFT Story

By John Plester, Advanced Thought Field Therapist and TFT Boot Camp Trainer

I have been running TFT Boot Camps in the UK now for a few years and have been privileged to have trained students not only from the UK but also from Europe. In this article I want to share my story of becoming the first Boot Camp Trainer in the UK as well as why delegates choose this training over Algorithm Practitioner training.

I have been a Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer since the late nineties and was first introduced to TFT by Paul McKenna when I was assisting him on his NLP trainings. I was sceptical at first finding the process very strange but having tested it on a few clients, I quickly learned that there was something in this unusual technique. This led me to wanting to know more and become a TFT Practitioner, so I asked Ian Graham one of the first UK trainers to put on a TFT Algorithm training at my training school in Norwich. This inevitably led me to integrating TFT more and more in my work with clients as it fitted so perfectly with NLP and hypnotherapy.

After a couple of years of practising at algorithm level and having gained many successes, I was keen to train at diagnostic level which led me to Ireland to train direct with Roger and Joanne Callahan. This level enabled me to work with more complex cases and more importantly helped me to understand TFT more fully as well as increasing my success rate even more.

This then led to me becoming an Advanced TFT Practitioner, learning Voice Technology to work with clients over the phone. I became a TFT Algorithm Trainer in 2007 and started to run my own training programmes for therapists. In 2011 having assisted Joanne Callahan run one of the Boot Camps, I was convinced that this format of training not only provided excellent value for money by integrating algorithm and diagnostic levels in one intensive weekend but the format of training was more effective, this led me to becoming the UK’s first Boot Camp Trainer.

In recent years, I have also written the self help therapy book ‘Unleash the Slim Within’ which Dr Roger Callahan kindly wrote the foreword to and have recently completed my second book ‘Unleash the Freedom Within’ to accompany my freedom formula programmes which have been designed to create an integrated formula for change using NLP, TFT and Hypnosis that can be delivered one to one in person, by telephone or online via Skype.

Having run TFT Algorithm trainings for many years, I was keen to run the TFT BootCamps because the addition of the diagnostic training helped students understand how the algorithms were created and the purpose of the algorithm protocol. More importantly, some of the basic diagnostic muscle testing skills would speed up the process as it enabled the Practitioner to test very quickly for psychological reversal at what ever stage it occurred and treat it accordingly. In addition to being able to diagnose more complex cases quickly rather than going through a time consuming process of elimination with the various algorithms, the Boot Camp training also teaches you how to identify individual energy toxins and be able to do something about them to help the TFT treatment hold (7sec treatment).

'I would highly recommend the Boot Camp training to anyone as John is truly an outstanding teacher and practitioner. He has the amazing ability to deliver comprehensive information regarding TFT in a very concise manner with great clarity. As a student I feel that I came away from this training course with sufficient knowledge and skills to practice this very effective form of therapy.'

N.S.F Hypnotherapist, London

I run the TFT Boot Camp in exactly the way that Roger and Joanne intended simply because their years of experience know what works and what doesn’t and they have created a training that brings the best of the best in this intensive format. I bring my own personality and experiences to the table and my style of training is to learn the practical skills thoroughly over and over until they are second nature. The support materials that are supplied by Callahan Techniques Ltd are second to none and you gain from Dr Callahan’s knowledge, experience and perspective from the comprehensive resources supplied. I am proud to be running training that is accredited from the source both with Dr Callahan for TFT and Dr Richard Bandler for NLP, as a sign of the pedigree of the accreditation both personally sign their respective certificates for my trainings.

'As a qualified Sales trainer and Life Coach with seminar training experience going back two decades, I found the TFT Boot Camp training amazing and delivered with honesty, integrity, humour and most importantly perfect concept delivery. To consolidate the course has the perfect balance of tell and show. Huge thanks.’
A. E.P, Trainer and Life Coach

I also provide an integrated therapy/ coaching service by telephone or online via Skype using TFT Voice Technology, NLP Coaching and the state-of-the-art ‘Inner Space Series™’ hypnotic audio programmes. Full details of these programmes can be found at my website:

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