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Overcoming Interview Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

Utilising Hypnotherapy to Beat Interview Anxiety

By John Plester, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Norwich, Norfolk

For some people, job interview nerves can be so severe they can stop them performing at their best, or even taking part in interviews at all. In the following paragraphs, I would like to explain how hypnotherapy processes can really change lives.

Countless people suffer from interview nerves. When you go to an interview, by definition, you are putting yourself into a position where you will be judged. However, when that feeling of nerves turns into real anxiety, then our prospects of performing well diminish notably.

Do any of these relate to you when you've got an interview arranged or when you're in an actual interview?

You discover your heart beating fast and you can't seem to talk properly. Your hands get wet, your voice seems odd and you cannot string a sentence together. Your anxiety sharply increases and you really feel trapped and all you can think about is having to leave there. You don't feel comfortable explaining your skills and knowledge in the interview.

How come this happens?

There are various reasons why you might be feeling like this. Maybe in a former job you were laid off or even sacked and this might have damaged your confidence levels to the point we're you don't really feel worthy of the position. Or even, you already feel as if you lack confidence and interviews just trigger those pre-existing thoughts.

The prospect of ending up with a job when you are anxious in an interview are reduced and this would hardly help your confidence. If you can't communicate well, you'll not give a good account of yourself and that basically leaves a bad impression in the mind of the interviewer. This puts the brakes on your career and ultimately damages your success for the future.

How might you stop this happening?

The outcome you need is to become more relaxed in interview situations to help you shine.

Hypnosis can assist by:

Hypnotherapeutic approaches works by helping you learn how to access all areas of the mind - subconscious and conscious. Which means you will probably be able to take care of the habits that cause you all the difficulties you have in the course of interviews. When you do this, you can build a more relaxed strategy to any future interviews. With hypnotherapy treatments, you should not only be able to put your best self forward in the interview process, but you should begin to take pleasure in the interviews themselves. Hypnosis can help you achieve your true potential.

In addition to hypnotherapy, I also integrate other therapies within my five session 'Freedom Formula' programme including Thought Field Therapy which is an excellent method for eliminating past emotional feelings that are often at the root of any current anxiety and NLP Coaching which is brilliant for changing your thinking in the now and learning new states suitable for interviews.

Check out this website for more information on my 'Eliminate Anxiety' Freedom Formula Programme.

John Plester is a specialist anxiety consultant at Norwich Hypnotherapy Practice and is the Principal Tutor at the East Anglian Institute of Hypnotherapy.

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