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The 'Big Apple Experiment'

A recent internet phenomena called the 'Big Apple Experiment' claims to demonstrate how our negative thoughts can have a serious impact on our minds and bodies. 

This experiment is to cut an apple in half and sealing each piece in seperate jars marked 'Love' and 'Hate'. Once this is done then over the period of a fortnight, the apple marked 'Love' is lavished with attention and positive thoughts, while the apple marked 'Hate' is showered with negativity and hatred. 

The result is that both apples become rotten to the core but the one marked 'Love' decays  far more slowly. This has been confirmed by over 2000 people doing the experiment. 

The experiment is based on the work of Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto, who said the molecules in water crystals are changed by our thoughts, words and feelings. Emoto did a similiar experiment with water, in two containers with the same markings and process. The difference is that the samples were frozen, then photographed under a microscope. The 'Love' sample produced beautiful, symmetrical crystals whilst the 'Hate' crystals were ugly and malformed.

So what does this mean in terms of therapy?

Humans are predominantly made up of water! We are all constantly communicating with ourselves internally either through self dialogue or images. The quality and the form of these thoughts can have a dramatic effect on our health and wellbeing both physically and mentally. 

I work with lots of clients with depression and anxiety who contantly bathe themselves internally with negative visual scenarios and self talk. Over time this becomes the default thinking pattern and becomes unconsciously automatic so the feeling feels as though it is always there.

In therapy, one of the first pieces of work I will do with most clients is to understand how this thinking affects the emotions, this process highlights how precisely clients get themselves into negative states. The next step is show them how to take back control of their internal thinking by interrupting the automatic negative thinking patterns.

I go one step further than most therapists in using advanced energy kinesiology methods to diagnose and treat negative emotions at the deep rooted core utilising the Chinese energy meridian system and acupressure points. This removes negative emotions at their deepest level.

The process of changing thinking and removing negative emotion together, I call the 'Freedom Formula' as the impact leads to emotional freedom and more importantly thinking about the apple experiment, leads to improved emotional health and wellbeing.   

The 'Freedom Formula' can be integrated in conjunction with hypnotherapy or as transformation talking therapy and coaching if preferred. Call me direct to discuss in more detail. 

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