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Stress and Cancer

How hypnotherapy can improve the success of treatment

Recent research shows that one in three sick notes are issued for mental health problems with over 5 million Britons being signed off work with a 14% increase last year for those signed off for stress and anxiety. 

Today another study was published by Dr Melanie Flint of the University of Brighton  that suggested that stress can blunt the power of chemotherapy in cancer patients. This is on top of the fact that stress hormones are known to increase the chances that a person will develop a wide range of health problems including cancer. Dr Flint has recommended that all cancer patients receive support in terms of stress relieving measures to prevent anxiety hampering treatment.

Hypnotherapy can support the relieving of stress and anxiety in a number of ways:

I have worked with numerous clients over the years with a range of serious medical conditions and have helped them in all the above ways to put them in the strongest mental state to support conventional medical treatment. 

Furthermore, if you suffer from stress and anxiety at any point in your life, be proactive, learn to overcome and deal with it more effectively to support the prevention of dis-ease and promote your health and wellbeing.

Please call or email if I can help you at any stage.

John Plester is a Transformational Coach and Hypnotherapist and Principal Tutor of East Anglian Institute of Hypnotherapy and the UK Institute of Thought Field Therapy.


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