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Can hypnotherapy help weight loss?

The pros and cons of hypnotherapy for weight loss.

Will hypnotherapy work for weight loss?

Weight reduction hypnotherapy has numerous pro’s and con’s. If you are looking at hypnosis for weight reduction, you'll be able to make a balanced decision after taking into consideration the negatives and the positives.

The Cons

Hypnotherapy possesses a substantial out of date stigma linked to it. With the damaging press hypnosis has gotten it may initially conjure negative imagery of men and women on stage looking daft. Although some entertainers still practice this performance, hypnotherapy carried out by professional hypnotherapists isn't connected to any type of performance at all.

The practice of hypnotherapy is not government regulated. This means there will inevitably be people delivering services that are below the standards a customer should be expecting with a hypnotherapist practising excellent hypnotherapy. 

It's not definite that hypnotherapy will work for you. To get hypnotherapy to be effective you need to leave negativity behind and have a desire to change. Your subconscious is paramount to effective hypnotherapy, allowing the hypnotherapist into this part of the mind will assist you to see excellent outcomes. If you enter the hypnotherapy treatment having a negative attitude you are less responsive to the techniques used to assist you to access the mind.

The Positives

There are a huge amount of research studies that suggest long lasting weight loss can be accomplished with the aid of weight loss hypnotherapy. The studies compare men and woman that used conventional approaches (diet programs, etc) and those that used a positive change in lifestyle accompanied by hypnotherapy. The scientific studies demonstrated short term and most importantly long term results were attained by the majority of participants who used hypnotherapy.

Although you cannot put a price on long term superior health, hypnotherapy is often a cheaper alternative option to a lot of weight loss solutions. Private surgery is extremely expensive and then the possible complications can add up to a huge sum of money. On top of the surgery cost, you ought to think about possibly paying the price of long term surgical complications, or even potentially losing your life. Although the surgical treatment may be free on the NHS, the cash for each procedure must come from somewhere and the pot is getting smaller with the need for weight loss procedures growing daily. An additional pressure the already over extended service doesn't need. Even when thinking about the fundamentals, hypnotherapy most certainly ends up less expensive than many years of faddy diet regimes and unused slimming club subscriptions.

Weight loss hypnotherapy is often a long lasting solution. Since the hypnotherapy works with the issues and behaviours deep within your subconscious, your new shape ought to remain even after you complete your hypnotherapy programme. With a bit of luck, you will still experience the favourable results of hypnotherapy for life. 

So are you able to shed weight with the help of hypnotherapy? Only those who have experienced the incredible benefits can let you know for sure. The evidence supporting hypnotherapy is tremendous, the positivity encompassing hypnotherapy can not be disregarded.

If you want to discuss in more detail how my comprehensive programme based on my book 'Unleash the Slim Within' can help you, just call or email.

John Plester is the Founder of Norwich Hypnotherapy Practice and Principal Tutor of the East Anglian Institute of Hypnotherapy that have been established since 2001.


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